About Us.

아틀라스 메디컬 소개.

“I believe in maintaining and subtly enhancing youthfulness and natural beauty” – Dr SM Yuen

Atlas Medical - Laser & Aesthetics Clinic was established in 2008 and is helmed by Medical Director Dr SM Yuen. Dr Yuen's practice revolves around the use of non-invasive to minimally invasive synergistic treatments to tackle a variety of problems ranging from aesthetic dermatology to cosmetic enhancements. A logical, problem-oriented and result-focused work ethos enables a patient-centric approach with the emphasis on building a strong physician-patient relationship based on trust, integrity, and open communication. The relaxing and tranquil ambience of Dr Yuen's clinic provides a welcome respite from the stress of today's hectic lives, while allowing the seamless and effective delivery of medical aesthetic procedures. Dr Yuen's areas of interests include: pigmentation, subtle and natural cosmetic enhancements for the Asian face, acne scarring, sensitive / troubled skin, non-invasive lipo-reduction, and treatment and reversal of the effects of the ageing face.

Ambience and Environment

Our flagship clinic encompasses a refreshing and relaxing surrounding. The décor and ambience of the clinic was painstakingly created to provide an oasis for every patient that walks through its doors. Standing out from the crowd by being visionary, passionate, and creative, has always been the hallmarks behind everything that Dr SM Yuen does. Spotlights, glass surfaces, piped-in music, comfy chairs, ambient lighting, water features, aromatic essence- our clinic exudes a charming fondness of home.

Technologies & Techniques

Dr SM Yuen harnesses the latest in modern medical aesthetic technology, and combines it with sound clinical judgement and aesthetic concepts to achieve a natural, sustainable and pleasant outcome for all his patients.

"New machines are not invented everyday. But with what we have now, it is more than sufficient to deliver satisfying results if the correct approach is adopted. Many times, patients are subjected to excessive treatments that unfortunately, make matters worse”.


Dr SM Yuen believes in attracting, retaining and developing talent. The success of any company is directly dependent on the core values of the people that run the company. In this aspect, Dr SM Yuen continuously engages and drives his team of staff to outperform themselves in the never ending quest for medical excellence.

Service Excellence

Above all else, one thing you will not overlook is undeniably the personalized and attentive care from our team of well-trained and friendly staff. In their stylish and chic outfits, the "Atlas Girls" - as we like to call our beautiful staff - stand out from the pack by happily going beyond the call of duty to remind patients to stop applying topical medications a few days prior to procedures, to following up with patients on their conditions after procedures, to ensuring patients do not forget their appointments/treatment instructions, and more. To better assist you're enquiries and concerns, we are contactable easily on our mobile phones as well.

Therapeutic & Relaxing treatments

Because excellence has always been our trademark, some of our treatments do not just end with the medical procedure but can be extended to include a rejuvenating facial, a tension-release scalp and shoulder massage, a soothing cold massage of eyes and face and a hydrating masque to replenish moisture to skin.

Along with refreshing and tranquil clinic surroundings, we aim to provide a one-stop, delightful experience to all.

All photos shown are of commonly encountered problems before treatment. These photos are to help patients recognise their conditions and seek treatment early. Do note that guidelines in Singapore do not allow the display of 'before-and-after treatment' photos.