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Dr. Yuen원장님 소개
싱가폴 NUS 의학 졸업
싱가폴 NUS대학과 국립 피부센터 연계 피부과 준석사과정 수료
2008 년 아틀라스 메디컬 스킨센터 개원
싱가폴 의료 협의회 와 의료 행위 평가 위원회 멤버

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Dr SM Yuen ~ Atlas Medical - Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, uses Korean surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to tackle a variety of problems ranging from aesthetic dermatology to cosmetic enhancements. Dr Yuen’s professional opinion, technical approach, and concept of modern natural beauty makes him one of the brightest minds in medical aesthetics today.

Aesthetic Medical Training (Korea ~ Esthetic Surgery & No scar facelift)

Dr Yuen is formally mentored and trained by one of Korea’s top aesthetic doctors – Dr Lee Hong Ki, founder and medical director of the DIET group of aesthetic clinics in Korea. The Korean approach towards medical aesthetics is unique and its foundations lie in the key pillars of synergy, efficacy, reproducibility, sustainability and safety.

Aesthetic Medical Training (Singapore)

Dr Yuen’s areas of expertise and clinical interests

Korean Medical Aesthetics (Surgical & Non-surgical):

Dr Yuen’s early years


A.R.T™ (Atlas Regenerative Transformation) is the foundation of Dr SM Yuen’s approach to beauty and anti-ageing, and these proprietary, innovative and synergistic techniques derived from his Korean training help patients optimize results and subtly enhance their youthfulness and appearances.

The ART™ series of treatments has been formally introduced in Dr Yuen’s practice to signal a transformation of his practice to provide solutions to aesthetic concerns and problems using the Korean approach that is tweaked for local preferences.

ART™ V Lift, ART™ Reduce, ART™ Refill & ART™ Relax are among Dr Yuen’s popular aesthetic surgery procedures, while ART™ Ultherapy offers patients non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening.

Practice Philosophy

The emphasis in Dr Yuen’s practice is geared towards:

Dr Yuen is not a proponent of chasing after brand names and fanciful marketing hype, but chooses to rely on tried and tested techniques that have been revised, improved and customized for Asian skin and patient preferences. The rationale behind this is simple: it is never the machine or brand that gets patients results. It is the doctor behind the machine and the doctor’s hands that get the results, and the doctor’s sense of aesthetics and logic that ensures the results are pleasing.

Media Personality / Patient Educator

Dr Yuen has been extensively interviewed and featured by the media, tapping on his opinions and key concepts towards understanding medical aesthetics and the truths and myths. There is never a boring interview with Dr Yuen as he takes you through the highs and lows of the practice of medical aesthetics in his trademark friendly, humorous yet succinct, precise and no-holds barred / no nonsense manner. Interviews can be viewed here: www.atlasmedicalclinic.com/news

“Many patients tend to be extremely confused by the tons of information and mis-information on the internet and the casual chatter among friends seldom yield the real truth about medical aesthetics”.

Furthering Medical Aesthetics in Singapore

Dr Yuen’s clinic aims to chart new horizons, expand frontiers and develop safe and effective solutions for common problems. Drawing from the best of Korean philosophies and expertise, and with a forward thinking, logical and problem-oriented work ethos, Dr Yuen is unwavering in his quest to better patients’ lives by redefining the future of medical aesthetics in Singapore.

“It is easy to fall into the trap of chasing after pure monetary reward without consideration of the risks and benefits of aesthetic procedures. As doctors, we must ensure we do not become victims of over-commercialisation, but continuously seek to uphold the proud and noble traditions of the medical profession of putting patients first”.

Dr Yuen remains true to his calling of being a doctor first - to always “first do no harm” – while continuing to push boundaries in helping patients achieve natural beauty and captivating youthfulness.

"As a doctor, you can never stop learning. Medicine is changing ever so rapidly. To stop learning is to stop doctoring"

The other side of Dr SM Yuen
박사 SM 유엔의 다른 측면

Away from medicine, Dr SM Yuen has a deep love and passion for music. He has won several national and regional awards for Electone performance. After winning the Grand Prix award (1st Prize) for the Singapore Electone Festival in 1996, he went on to represent Singapore at the Asia-Oceanic Electone Festival, clinching another Grand Prix award (1st prize). He also had the honour of being Asia's representative in the prestigious International Electone Concours. In his musical career, Dr SM Yuen has also performed as a keyboardist/pianist in many shows with local and regional pop artistes, including Kit Chan, Tanya, Andy Lau and Zhang Hui Mei.

He took this love for music one step further when he founded Wedding Harmony in 2006, Singapore's first ever wedding music company that specializes in creating original wedding love songs for wedding couples. In his capacity as Executive Music Director, he has grown Wedding Harmony into a market leader in the wedding music industry. Wedding Harmony has produced more than 50 original works, released 2 commercial albums, and performed in over 250 weddings in a span of 2 years. Wedding Harmony has been featured in The Straits Times Life section, Style Weddings, Her World Brides, and has also appeared on various radio shows on FM100.3 and FM 97.2.

Being in the wedding industry has allowed Dr SM Yuen to understand the concerns and needs of wedding couples better, and a big part of his aesthetic practice revolves around designing treatment programmes to help brides and grooms-to-be achieve their skin care goals and to look their best on their big day. Atlas Medical™ - Laser & Aesthetics Clinic is a partner in major bridal magazines and local and international wedding road shows, with Dr SM Yuen always happy to share his knowledge and thoughts at workshops and informal sessions.

All photos shown are of commonly encountered problems before treatment. These photos are to help patients recognise their conditions and seek treatment early. Do note that guidelines in Singapore do not allow the display of 'before-and-after treatment' photos.