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The science behind how our techniques, technology and machines work

ART V Lift
브이 리브팅

Korean Technique for natural skin lifting / tightening / collagen stimulation.
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ART Reduce
이노필 얼굴/눈밑 지방제거

Our new innovative technology using Intra-dermal reduction of facial cellulite deposits and tighten loose skin.

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ART Relax

Non-surgical For a softer and younger look, gentle lift and beautiful smile.
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ART Refill

Non-surgical dermal fillers for 3D volume restoration for enhancement of key facial features and achieve ideal facial contours.

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ART Dermalift

Specially formulated solutions developed by leading Korean medical aesthetic clinic and are used via technique of microscopical infusion to help your skin fight various skin problems (Pigmentation, ageing skin, acne & acne scar).

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ART Ultherapy

Non-surgical and non-invasive ultrasound treatment for uplifting, tightening, more elastic and youthful skin.

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REVLITE Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
레브라이트 레이져토닝

Latest & most advanced dual wavelength laser technology safely treats a large range of pigmentation problems including freckles, sun spots, café au lait spots, Hori’s nevus, PIH, Melasma & tattoos. Also used for laser toning / laser rejuvenation – reducing pores, stimulating collagen, reducing oil, and increasing radiance.

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CO2 LASER (Fractional / Non Fractional
프락셀 CO2 레이져

The fractional laser beam creates thousands of tiny wounds with normal skin surrounding. Because this is done microscopically, the wound is not visible and the surrounding healthy skin enhances healing time. It effectively treats wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, large pores and skin laxity. Pigmentation and skin texture is also greatly improved. The CO2 laser can also remove small skin growths like milia seeds and syringomas.

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Fractional Erbium-Glass Laser
어븀 레이져

This laser sues micro thermal stimulation for skin tightening and remodeling of collagen within the dermis to achieve tighter, fresher and youthful skin with short and mild recovery period of only 1-2 days. Affectionately called the “weekend laser”.

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Energist VPL (IPL) for face/skin
브이피엘/ 아이피엘

This safe and painless pulsed light device treats a wide range of hair and skin problems effectively. Thread veins, spider nevi, cherry spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne can be easily treated.

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Energist VPL (IPL) for Permanent hair reduction

Clinically proven to remove and reduce hair from any parts of the face and body. Painless and also helps improve skin tone and radiance.

Learn more about Energist VPL (IPL) for permanent hair reduction.

Silkpeel dermal-infusion
실크 필링

Clarifying, Brightening and hydrating skin.

Learn more about Silk Peel Dermal-infusion.

Exilis™ (Medical Radiofrequency & Ultrasound)

FDA-approved non-invasive RF device that melts unwanted fat and tightens skin laxity over virtually any area of the face and body. This treatment is effective for abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, bra fats, love handles, face, neck and even the eyes.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)
지방 파괴술

Non-invasive “shockwaves” are used to break down fat, smoothen cellulite, treat stretch marks and skin laxity.

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ART Relax, Injecting into muscles to treat lines, wrinkles and improving the jaw/face line.

Learn more about Botox.


ART Refill, Enhancing face feature augmentation and treating severe lines/ facial wrinkles and eye bags.

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Radiofrequency (RF)

Uplifting facial and body tissue, firming, tightening, cellulite, reducing stubborn fats, reducing eye bags and stimulate hair growth.

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Vita-C Hydrolightening Therapy
비타민 C 화이트닝 관리

Anti Oxidant, Anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects using medical grade Vitamin C and Ion to machine.

Learn more about Vita-C Hydroligtening Therapy.

Sono Anti-ageing / Anti-acne Therapy
초음파 관리/ 여드름 관리

Pigmentation, Acne scar management, Aged/Wrinkled skin and healing effect after laser treatment.

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All photos shown are of commonly encountered problems before treatment. These photos are to help patients recognise their conditions and seek treatment early. Do note that guidelines in Singapore do not allow the display of 'before-and-after treatment' photos.